Goodbye from HBAFH….

Click the picture to see HBAFH @ LFW on the Guardian site....

And so, 194 posts, 137 comments and 147 followers down the line, I have decided to close the cupboard door on Handbags and Fag Hags and set up a brand new blog,  Electric Dress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to delete the page – the chronicling of  my ventures or a whole month in a single dress, escapades at fashion week and thrashing out various feminist issues with my own skewed perspective were a great learning curve and worth keeping somewhere in cyberspace for passing interest. Above is a screenshot of a personal highlight from my adventures here, that will be hard to beat; getting talent spotted by my favourite broadsheet the Guardian at London Fashion Week in February 2011.

Yet having graduated in the summer from scruffy student to bona fide working member of the vast fashion industry, I have been given a sense of perspective. Without detracting from the work I’ve done, HBAFH had begun to feel old, too childish in name and too scatty in nature, as I struggled to keep up with my self-imposed brief of “Online Style Magazine”.

On to pastures new; I very much hope to see you all my brand spanking new site, Electric Dress! Retaining the best elements of HBAFH, I will be blogging Electric Dresses, as in fashion fragments I love, and Electric Issues, conundrums that confront the fashionable feminist. Adding to this, I’ll be capturing street style in my Electric Dressers tag, as well as the totally new dimension of my personal fashion escapades – although this crept in towards the end of my two-and-a-half year stint blogging here, I will be newly focusing on what I get up to in a way many other bloggers have done very well before me.

Thank you for watching, and a final au revoir from Handbags and Fag Hags….

Rena ❤ x x x



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2 responses to “Goodbye from HBAFH….

  1. 1 Dress, 1 Month will continue to be my favourite thing on a blog ever.

    • Rena Niamh Smith

      Aw thanks Kayleigh! Well hopefully I will get up to something just as inneresting on my next venture!

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