Fag Hag of the Month: November

Photo: Lauren Dukoff

Girl crush of the moment finds us worshipping at the feet of emerging poplette Natalia Kills, whose album Perfection is currently on general release. She’s everything a hag could wish for in a pop star, and commands a hella glam bad girl presence. She has an attitude-heavy sound is matched perfectly with a vampish look. The video for Wonderland, a catchy bass-heavy electro-influenced track, sees her throwing a nightmarish dinner party wearing a bunny mask, before a masochistic tussle with riot police and execution by a man in a white suit and mask. Bizarre, yes, but fabulous. Signed to the same label as Gaga herself, she has certain parallels with the Mother of Pop in the realms of the surreal, yet she is entirely her own woman in sass and style. Unearthed by Pea Will.I.Am, they dueted on Free which sees hers explore wardrobe that’s both more typically sexy and out-there ecclectic than before. While the leotard and those strappy boots are pin up material, she slips efortlessly into high-waisted pants and bra or puff-sleeved blouse with a waterfall of a statement necklace. Will.I.Am isn’t our favourite artist; he has a slightly weird, try-hard vision (see the body-builder bits in Free) and makes predictable, low-quality pop. But what we love about Natalia is the exact opposite; though clearly a pop product, she’s believable, with genuine attitude and talent to back up her packaging. We even loved her when she was a record-label puppet as Verbalicious back in 2005, (should we be embarrassed or her?) but luckily she sacked that deal for the pressure to release predictable, cheesy rubbish. Will.I.Am, we reckon,can personally be accredited with the awful direction that Chezza’s album took, which only suggests further that Kills is a girl who stands up for herself. Or do we just want her wardrobe?

For pics, news and all that, see the official web presence; for a great fan site, see NataliaKils.net.


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