Movember Moment

Photo: Terry Richardson

It’s Movember, month of moustaches and money-grubbing for the worthy cause of prostate cancer research. Are you sporting some extra fluff on your upper lip this season? Or are you simply a fan of making a little difference? Earlier this year I wore One Dress for One Month to raise money for domestic violence. It made daily life a great adventure, but raising the cash was the big point, so if any of your friends, family or colleagues are forgoing the razor for the duration of this month, give whatever you can, if not for them, but the millions who suffer every year. In the meantime, check out this HBAFH selection of ways to wear your tache:

1. Large and in charge. Colin Farrell here models the fullest moustache model. Keep it trimmed to control shape and compliment with a full head of unruly locks.

Colin Farrell Photo: Vogue

2. Needle pointers. Salvador Dali rocks this extra-eccentric version. Simply grow hairs to a decent length, then wax to dramatic effect.

Salvador Dali. Photo:

3. Oil slick. Brad Pitt goes for some retro cool with this suave 40s number. Thin, trim; tuxedo and side-parting essential.

Brad Pitt Photo:

4. Stubble trouble. When tache duty gets rough around the edges: David Gandy pulls off the perfect integrated moustache and stubble experience. Leave it long on top to avoid straying into general beard territory.

David Gandy. Photo:

5. Smoke screen. This is a new thing they call the Smoke Tache – designed as a quick fix for the tache-less among us. Simply exhale through your nose on a very, very cold day.

Photo: brassknuckles

That’s all folks. Any Movember participants, feel free to comment with fund-raising sites, and good luck to you all!



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2 responses to “Movember Moment

  1. catriona

    number 4 had a moustache ?? what ?? where ?. . .oooh that torso had a face as well ?? well i never. who. knew.

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