Fag Hag of the Month: October

Photo: newonmyplaylist.com

Kreayshawn is flava of the moment thanks to her current hit single “Gucci Gucci”. While name-checking some serious fashion labels, this tattooed, film school drop-out gives it up for street style and self-made chic. With a radical styling, all crop-tops, baggies plastic glasses and gigantic earrings, she cuts a cheeky, androgynous ghetto fabulous figure that’s matched with her fun and zesty lyrics. Once a weed-dealer, she raps about drugs and second hand clothes, and having shot music videos herself, knew the value in releasing Gucci Gucci on Youtube with a gnarly video that sees her swaggering around her hometown East Oakland and swigging from bottles at a Skins-esque party. Having only been performing for around 5 months, the video saw her land a record deal with Columbia and get nominated for an MTV VMA, where she also hosted the “Black Carpet”, interviewing slebs on fashion and pre-show nerves. Kreayshawn is definitely more rogue hit-maker than serious rap material, but has strong Girl Power credentials. Born Natassia Zolot to mother Elka Zolot, guitarist for the famous Bay Area garage-punk band the Trashwomen, she directed music videos for Lil B and formed the White Girl Mob with V-Nasty, her fellow female hip-hop hipster on the video. Most talked about lie from Gucci Gucci? “I got the swag / And it’ pumping out my ovaries”. Although she clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously, it would be a shame if this pint sized potty-mouth wasn’t anything more than a one-hit wonder.



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3 responses to “Fag Hag of the Month: October

  1. I find myself much more endeared to Kreayshawn now that I hear she’s a Spice Girls fan (but maybe she just means she’s like a Spice Girl?), and that she’s not a Williamsburg trust fundie. Though happily, I think she would fit right in. She has all the bluster of youth, but I daresay she’ll find some way to keep making a name for herself, even if “Gucci Gucci” should prove the pinnacle of her rapping fame. –It’s all so ‘fake’ it’s almost *real*!

    • handbagsandfaghags

      Yeah, she’s a Postmodernist dream! 😉 She seems pretty genuine, and a nice successor to the MIA Uffie bracket. Not a serious rapper but no less fun for it!

  2. Catriona

    in this song shes not rapping about bad drugs, she talks about “a baggie of adderal” – which is a drug they use in the US all the time thast meant for kids with ADHD but if you dont have ADHD it works as a drug that helps you to focus when studying. so its not as hardcore as it sounds haha.xx

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