A Snood for Snoddle

Photo: RNS

Forget your instant access, always-on, tweeting, beeping modernity, knitting is an old-school, slow-burning pastime, with each row forming steadily, one stitch at a time. A whole jumper can take weeks, even months, for an experienced knitter to make. Yet, once you get past the first few frustratingly fiddly lines, there’s something deliciously satisfying about seeing the material grow and grow, and with the radio or telly chirruping in the background, you hardly notice the snail’s pace.

As chunkier designs are produced the quickest, I started with this full snood design as my knitting début and managed to finish it in 3 days. The grey has a blueish hue in the sunlight and the net-like weave gives it a nautical vibe I felt went perfectly with this stripe tunic. The vintage appeal and eco-friendly virtues of knitting have much been extolled. In fact, anyone worth their charity shop, hipster credentials these days has turned their hand to the needly craft, so some might say we here at HBAFH are rather late to the game, but this definitely won’t be the last. Rock on, wooly socks.

Photo: RNS

Photo: RNS

Photo: RNS



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2 responses to “A Snood for Snoddle

  1. Love the top….im all about the chunky stripes at the moment! Your new Bluebellgray buddy….Carrie

  2. handbagsandfaghags

    Grrl! Chunky stripes are where it’s AT! love the site, hope old Glasgae is treating u well 😉 x

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