Nicki Minaj Follows Gaga for M.A.C’s VIVA GLAM 2011

Photo: Jill Greenberg/Vibe Magazine

Super-sexy Super Bass star Nicki Minaj has been announced as this year’s face of M.A.C’s VIVA GLAM campaign, along with fellow singer Ricky Martin. Following in the sky-inch heel print footsteps of Lady Gaga, the hip hop glamazon will front the ad’s and have a hand in the final packaging of the lipglass and lipstick, sending 100% of the profits to M.A.C’s AIDs Fund. Even more excitingly, chosen photographer is an absolute HBAFH icon, David LaChappelle, with whom Martin and Minaj are currently working in Miami. Last year, Gaga put out a gorgeous nude shade packaged in red and black with her signature adorning the packaging; her shots showed Mother Monster in a dazzling crystal bright light, with her hair curly and long, in an arrestingly feminine way. The big question is, how will M.A.C restyle today’s hottest female rapper and which shade shall she pick?

Photo: M.A.C Cosmetics

Minaj has always captured our imagination with her bubblegum-pop Barbz style that sees her working extra long talons and multiple colours of wigs. Crudely named as rap’s answer to Lady Gaga, this songwriter-turned-singer indeed shares a lot in common with Our Lady. In fact, Minaj and Gaga are two extremes of feminine identity; Gaga evokes the sinister side of female sexuality, in all her talk of monsters and mania and with her sinewy, bony limbs while Minaj spits out a cartoon version of the pin-up girl, all boob- and butt-job overstated curves. With her penchant for furious shades of pink and showy cleavage and thigh displays, she takes the normative, overly falsified image that beauty, especially in black music, has become and embodies a multi-colour fantasy of Extreme Woman. What’s more, touring this year with Britney Spears, she is fast becoming a bona fide superstar and we can’t wait to see how she follows the success of Pink Friday. In the VIVA GLAM campaign, she is also taking a place Missy Elliott, as well as Cyndi Lauper, Fergie, Chritina Aguilera and Pamela Anderson; what better place to begin Superstardom than with M.A.C?

Photo: Milk Maids, by David LaChappelle


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