HBAFH Meets… Alan Moore, Designer

Photo: ten30.co.uk

Alan Moore is the talent behind Glasgow brand ten30, a funky young label with some serious surface detailing on bold, colourful pieces. The last collection, Ukranian Girl, was shown in city-centre bar The Flying Duck on the oval dancefloor by some doll-like ballet dancers whose dance allowed the dresses to be shown at every possible angle. They brilliantly captured the spirit of made-up muse Abbigail Teliha, a nonchalant hipster aged 24 on her travels around the world, aiming to “discover herself”. There were simple, sporty separates, evoking a lean, modern girl with an androgynous edge; Peter Pan collars, alluding to perhaps her past innocence, and zany printed graphics that could symbolise her new experiences and coming of age. Alan has presented in Glasgow shows In the Company of Wolves, Nightwalk and in New York’s Dressed to Kilt, a fashion show part of the city’s Tartan Week, which saw his work walking alongside Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Harris Tweed. He remains committed to wearable pieces, however, nd s curently working on an online shop of RTW ten30 pieces. We first met Alan at the Glasgow Bold Souls event, showed his pieces in GUM Magazine as part of our styling work and partied together at the Scottish Fashion Awards. Here, he talks to HBAFH about fast fashion, friends and the real work involved in his intricate embroidery…….

HandBags And Fag Hags: How would you describe what you design?
Alan Moore: I design simple, wearable womenswear with a strong emphasis on surface textiles such as print and embroidery.

HBAFH: Where or what or who inspires you?
AM: I’m inspired by a lot of things but my interests in comic books, sci-fi films and adventure usually reoccur in a lot of my design. The women that enjoy ten30 inspire me to keep pushing what I’m doing, I love the way these women dress and take inspiration from them.

HBAFH: How did you begin designing?
AM: I studied textiles at Glasgow School of Art who have a very strong design ethos and a lot of emphasis is put on teaching the students “good design”; I think that way of designing and depth of consideration is something that will remain with me and grow as I become more experienced.

HBAFH: Describe your ideal customer.
AM: My ideal customer is someone who understands what I’m trying to do. Ten30 is about making fast fashion at a high quality, not just in quality of design and aesthetics, but in manufacture as well. Girls who have their own style and know how to dress well.

HBAFH: If you could dress anyone, living, dead or mythical, who would it be?
AM: I’ve been watching a lot of old gangster movies recently and have fallen in love with Sharon Stone’s character “Ginger” in CASINO. However, I will always have a soft spot for Scarlett Johanson, and Rhianna would look stingin’ hot in a pair of ten30 harem pants.

HBAFH: How much time do you spend on the average piece?
AM: A lot of my time is spent on developing prints and patterns rather than on the actual garment. Prints take hours and hours to get right, especially if they are repeats. On some of the one-off garments, embroidery alone can take up to 60 hours to finish, but I love doing it so don’t mind putting in the time.

HBAFH: What is most important to you: cut, material or detailing?
AM: Each of those elements is just as important as the other. If the material isn’t of the highest standard then the cut is wasted. The details are what separates the high-end designers from high street, and that’s what people pay more money for.

HBAFH: Where do you shop for clothing?
AM: I like to mix up what I wear and where I shop, bringing together designer, high street and vintage. I think my style is quite safe but like to dress well.

Photo: facebook.com

HBAFH: What keeps you going when the going gets tough?
AM: I’ve got a great circle of friends and family that are very supportive and I’m grateful for that. Sometimes I do get a bit stressed out, but nothing a bit of time out with some wine and comic books can’t fix.

HBAFH: Describe a perfect weekend.
AM: Good times with good people.

HBAFH: What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?
AM: I’m still working on that.

HBAFH: What’s your favourite book?
AM: I’ve always loved Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Treasure Island, old classics.

HBAFH: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
AM: I’ve been given a lot of advice, some good, some bad, but probably the most encouraging was from Keifer Sutherland in New York who told me to “go out there and do it, go kill em.”

For more info, visit the ten30 Facebook page, browse the collections and read FAQs of the official website or email info@ten30.co.uk.



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  1. Alan Moore is my idol !!!

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