Fag Hag of the Month: May

Photo: Mariano Vivanco for Stylist Magazine

Emma Watson never used to be a style icon of ours. As child-star turned multi-millionaire, her gross income left us cold. Surely anyone with that amount of dollar can look a star without much thought nor talent, with stylists on hand. Yet since her graduation from Hogwarts, she’s proving a feisty contender. Her appearances both on an off the red carpet have shown someone with a true eye for style. Of course, here at Gender Bending HQ, we love the boyishly pretty haircut most of her recent style headway, which shows off her fine features and doe-like eyes. This is style over sexy, fashion over fear. With it, she cuts a stunning figure against the other A-listers who opt for luscious, buoyant locks (Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé spring to mind). No, this is keeping it cool and quirky.

A big bug-bear of ours was that Watson was always way too pretty to play Hermione Granger, who in the novel, boasts brilliant intelligence but also buck-teeth and wild frizzy hair. Hollywood can’t represent ugly women because they’re a bunch of moronic, profiteering chauvinists. However, even the pretty ones aren’t left unscathed. The Chop is a genuine move for autonomy. “For nine years, I was contractually obliged not to cut my hair”, she told Vogue. “All the things normal girls do, I couldn’t. So when I got the chance to change my appearance, this is what I did.” It’s no coincidence Britney shaved her head in a mad act trying to jump the relentless treadmill of “sexy” global product. Hair is a fundamental personal and physical representation of femininity, and both women had to submit their’s to corporate control. She also “begged” bosses to arrange filming around her university schedule; though she’s dropped out of Brown’s, she has no plans to stop studying. Fighting for your right to style and academic development? Gotta give it to her.


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