LFW Diary Day 1: Amanda Wilmont and Meeting Old Friends…

Photographers at Amanda Wilmont

15h45 Our next show is minutes away – we have to leg it down Drury Lane to make it. Sara’s okay in her flats, but I must look a right sight in my 4 inch heels. Sara jokes she’d laugh if she saw us and I couldn’t agree more, though it doesn’t make it any easier! We make it back to the BFC tent for Amanda Wilmont just in time and are placed right at the end of the catwalk, which is great for taking pictures! The collection is fabulous, not too dissimilar to the last one at VFS; lots of leather, swirly prints and a bit of sculpted structuring thrown in. There are some beautiful maxis and jumpsuits in the watercolour print, and leather pieces with embellished stud details. The shoes are fabulous hard rock chick chic too – I just can’t drink it all in enough!

Amanda Wilmont

Amanda Wilmont

Amanda Wilmont

Amanda Wilmont

Amanda Wilmont

16h15 Unfortunately, Sara has to go – she won a design competition back in Sweden, but like a guardian angel dressed in Tatty Devine and Cheap Monday, hands me her spare tickets for the weekend. After saying our goodbyes, I head back into the BFC arena of fashion ponies. I bump into Nathalie, a blogger I met last year, so we head inside for a coffee and catch-up. I also spot a friend from Dublin, Mark, who I befriended on the door of VFS last year and came across when interning for Helen McAlinden last summer. Small world! We plan out evening – there’s a party on in Shoreditch and we all want to be there.

17h45 We make use of the laptops provided for press to check Google maps for our appointments later. Nathalie heads off for dinner, I do a quick costume change in the Ladies’ (What Katie Did bullet bra, River Island tie-dye trousers, Fair Feathered Friend headdress, H&M biker jacket) and on my way to OrlaKeily’s presentation, bump into yet abother friend from last year, blogger Carrie. Fashion really is a small world! I check out the exhibition; below are some of my favourite presentations……

Love these shoes!

All boxed up.....

Wood and metal


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