LFW Diary: Corrie Nielsen and M.A.C.

Fashion crowd.

13h After the Caroline Charles show, we head to the silver Lavazza caravan and grab a quick bite to eat and hot black coffee. Sara bumps into some more cool London design kid mates. We head back into the British Fashion Council tent for the Corrie Neilsen show; this time we get seated second row. The collection is a fabulous mix of tailoring with hyper-feminine twists – ruffled shoulders, frilled details on hems and swathes of material falling around the body like a royal sash. Mostly, this remained unfussy, embellishing a rather minimalist silhouette, that is, until the huge satin creations with ruffled collars and structured hips Elizabeth I would be proud of.

Corrie Nielsen

Corrie Nielsen

Corrie Nielsen

14h After the show we head to the M.A.C. pop-up boutique and take a look at the new range of Wonder Woman products. They look ace, and with strong women definitely in vogue right now, its only appropriate the superhero should be paid homage to. With our official press passes, we can book in for an appointment – I make mine for tomorrow night, to tidy me up before I head out to the after-parties!

MAC's Wonder Woman Collection


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