LFW Diary: Day 1, Friday Morning

Photo: Susan Swindells/The Guardian

A rather belated update on my adventures in the capital during fashion week……

7h30: I wake up early and put on my Calvin Klein shirt (Chouchou adjusted), vintage midi skirt, grey Cos tights, New Look trainer heels and H&M biker jacket, and set out with a couple of handy changes in my Paul’s Boutique bag.

Somerset House

10h: I arrive at Somerset House. Getting closer, I know I’m in the right place -the fash pack are out in force, and stand out like roses amongst thorns from the tourists and daily London drab. I head straight for the desk to register as a blogger. It’s the magic word, I get a UK press pass immediately – there’s something of a honeymoon for bloggers since the fashion world sat up and took notice, I’m sure one of these days they’re going to stop sitting us in front of established magazine editors! In the queue I make friends with Sara, a lovely design student from Sweden – I’d spotted her outside wit her bangin’ Tatty Devine necklace and chain print jacket combo. We head to the Jena Theo show at On/Off.

L-r: Sarah Burt, Jordanna Andrews, Melissa Cumberland and Sara Arnesén

11h: In the queue we spot some of Sara’s friends, bloggers-and-photographers-slash-students Sarah, Melissa and Jordanna, and get to skip into the queue with them. Through the crowd cuts a Land Rover with backed out windows and Vogue emblazoned on the side. I get that Fashion Week feeling that I should know who it is – that I should know more in general…

Vogue arrives, but whos inside!?

Jena Theo show

Once inside, there’s loads of people and we can’t see a great deal. It’s dark but there are coloured laser lights cutting through the smoke creating atmosphere. The show begins; the clothes are dark, draped, sportif creations that play with proportions – the best by far is a giant pillowcoat, which looks like the model simply wrapped her duvet around her before she got out of bed. The makeup is fabulous bands of smoky black across the models’ eyes. Definitely taking notes for my next night out working a gothic look.

Jena Theo

Jena Theo

12h: Back out in the open air, we see all kinds of fashionistas rushing to their next venture, including some of the models, still wearing makeup, and a drag queen in heel-less platforms – only men are crazy enough to go for that! We head back to Somerset House for the Caroline Charles show, an get 3rd row seats – some sleb is getting papped on the FRow, and we all lean in to get a shot, although noone knows who it is!

Some sleb or other......

The clothes aren’t my favourite, too austere in concept, but I can see the quality of design and how they’d appeal to older women. There seems to be a Spanish influence, with lots of sequins and feminine detailed tailoring in strong black, ruby and blue shades.

Caroline Charles

Caroline Charles


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