Fag Hag of the Month: April

Photo: David Burton

In February 2010, the fashion industry was shaken by the sudden and dramatic suicide of Lee Alexander McQueen, whose inspiring work put him leagues ahead of his contemporaries. As the documentary McQueen and I shows, McQueen was theatrical and visionary, putting on shows of epic proportions. He  seemed irreplaceable, yet Sarah Burton stepped immediately into his shoes to steer the team through a grief-stricken time to complete the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection shown in March last year. Officially named his successor in May that year, she was perfect for the job; she had started as an intern and became head of womenswear design in 2000. She more than understood McQueen’s vision, having learned practically everything she knew under his leadership. Since, she’s done two breathtaking collections and is rumoured to be designing a certain Wedding Dress that would amount to a serious event in fashion history. Yet for all McQueen’s tortured talent, it’s Burton’s cool head that makes her such an inspiration. She never planned to carbon copy McQueen’s taste for exuberant shows: “in that way, I can’t try and pretend to be Lee.” Instead, she focused on what’s important – the clothes: “the creation of modern, beautifully crafted clothes was at the heart of Lee’s vision. I intend to stay true to his legacy”. Though on (republican) principle, we won’t be watching The Wedding, we’re allowing a bit of fuss for The Dress, and as a super-cool and fiercely talented young British female designer (and there aren’t enough of those, despite fashion’s largely female following) there can’t be a better choice than Burton.


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