1D1M Ends….

And so ends my One Dress One Month Challenge. a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU with bells and jingles on to EVERYONE who donated, I can’t say it enough! It has been heaps of fun, not least for discovering the limits and lengths of my wardrobe and imagination! Ironically, dressing the same dress but different every day makes me want to continue the campaign of sartorial diversity. I have been taught a valuable lesson and the ringing truth in the words of St Vivienne of Westwood: “You have a much more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes”. Amen to that.

But more importantly, my eyes have been opened to the realities of domestic violence, a daily atrocity being committed right under our very noses. Despite the myths, this isn’t something that only happens in poor places, or to ethnic minorities, or to people we don’t know; it’s round the corner, up your street, maybe even to someone you know and love, but taboos and the complications love bring make it a difficult subject still. Domestic abuse – beating women, rape within relationship, psychological and verbal harassment – it’s a reality of life that comes, not only from human error and weakness, but all too often from the social belief in the sanctity of male power; that men can and should assert their authority over women through physical means when words don’t work, and that women should love them and accept them as they are, and not stand up for themselves. I learned so much through internet research over the course of the month and it’s really a shocking issue that we should face up to.

My One Dress One Month challenge donation page will be open for another fortnight for any late donations. Although the fashion was the fun bit, the real FUN is in FUNdraising!! Yeah people, I went there. So far, I’ve raised a good £188, but I’d love to push it over the £200 mark at least, or even beyond! If you’ve enjoyed what you saw, please give even a token – I will be thrilled to get any amount, no matter how small, as I know how skint we are these days. You can even give a quid; as Tesco says, every little helps! Also, the lovely Ina Anderrson interviewed me for The National Student site, she’s a great writer and the article is a good read!


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