ten30 “The Ukrainian Girl” Fashion Show

Photo: Grant Alexander McDonald

Last night, Glasgow brand ten 30 held their show titled The Ukrainian Girl at The Flying Duck. Amongst the pillars of the dark, underground bar, the guests were witness to an amazing spectacle that was half-ballet performance, half-runway show. The lower are in the middle of the room was stage while audience looked on from an elevated ring around the outside. Four gorgeous dancers showed the pieces to a dangerous an disturbing soundtrack that mixed operatic yearnings with glitches of electronic sounds.

Photo: Grant Alexander McDonald

Their graceful and elegant moves gave the collection an air of disturbed farm-girl puppet; with bright, glittery doll make-up and the collection that referenced traditional, Eastern European girlish dress, it was as if a music-box figure had come to life as the pirouetted around the space. There were some beautiful mini dresses in what could easily have been a traditional Ukrainian fabric as well as sportier elements. There were some brilliant drop crotch sweat pants in sophisticated printed jersey, a rather Oriental style top as well as a white tunic with the zig zag embroidery in multi colours of purple designer Moore is famed for. Moore speaks with excitement about the next steps for the brand; to open an online store and to produce pieces in quantities that satisfy the growing demand for his work. Follow ten30 on Facebook for the latest developments.

Photo: Grant Alexander McDonald

For more of Grant’s photos from the night, visit his Flickr page here.


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