1D1M Day 10: Urban Crawl Explorer

Day 10. Photo: Stella Stanford-Wood

Styled with: Grey layered sleeveless jacket by Máire Cross // Grey hoodie and pale blue faux-jean leggings both by H&M // Biker boots from Francesca // Silver and leather feather necklace from Plimoth Plantation (Boston, Massachusetts) // Silver chain from boutique in Glasgow // Silver cuff by H&M // Silver and amber-colour stone ring gift from my friend Gabby.

Between 40-70% of female murder victims around the world are killed by a partner; the same is true for only 4-8% of male victims. Sponsor my One Dress One Month challenge and help raise money to prevent domestic violence here.



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2 responses to “1D1M Day 10: Urban Crawl Explorer

  1. stella

    was this the picture that we forgot we’d taken?!??!xx

  2. handbagsandfaghags

    yep!!! can’t tell I’ve had 2 bottles of wine, can you!? xxx

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