1D1M Night 5: Feather Funk Off

Day 5

Styled with: Headdress by Fair Feathered Friend // Grey Suede Shoes by Primark // Flesh fishnets by Pierre Cardin // Flexible Necklace from Papyrus, Glasgow // Dark silver chain by New Look // Watch by Guess // Silver cuff by H&M

54% of rapes commited in the UK are carried out by a woman’s current or former partner, according to the Home Office. Donate whatever you can and help me raise money for Glasgow’s anti-domestic violence chariy here.



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2 responses to “1D1M Night 5: Feather Funk Off

  1. You look like someone from a mental asylum, loving the glittery moustache babe!

    • handbagsandfaghags

      Thanks!! It was meant to be like I snorted disco dust but next tme I’ll keep it strictly to the nostrils!! haha xxx

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