Magic Make-Up Tips

Make-up can be expensive and tricky, but a few handy tricks can help achieve catwalk looks for a fraction of the time and cost. Here are the HBAFH tips to making the most of what’s in your make-up bag as well as lurking unused in the bathroom drawers.

Photo: Makeup Majesty

Don’t Read The Label
When it comes to cosmetics, a lot of money is made through gimmicks, so think form and function over fancy packaging. A white or bright, light gold eyeshadow makes a great highlighter too, and bronzer a fabulous eyeshadow. Concealer is just a foundation by any other name and simply dabbing some of your extra make-up base over blemishes works just as well. Eye, lip and eyeshadow pencils can be mixed and matched; use a white eyeliner pencil to fill lips before applying gloss for a brighter, lighter pout.

Two Brushes Are Better Than One
Liquid eyelinger is never easy to apply, but for a quick, slick, everyday fix, use one with a thin brush for the fine lines at inner and outer corners and the thick felt tip-end ones to get a fatter line on the lid in one fell swoop. Perfect for time-scanty mornings.

Shiny Sticky Stuff

The power of Vaseline should not be underrated. For a minimal cost and maximum impact lip, a little mixed with eyeshadow makes an instant new lip-gloss. With plenty of unused colours of varying shades lying forgotten in our cosmetics cupboard, the possibilities are truly endless. What’s more, use some on tired eyes before bed to wake up to well-nourished peepers.

Does your mascara manage to smudge just when you thought it was safe to blink? Does your eyeliner streak into the creases of your eyelid as soon as you’ve put it on? Try applying top eyelid makeup first, looking down, then giving your face a gentle blast of cool air from your hairdryer to dust things off before it’s too late. Repeat, looking up for lower lash line. Also, spritzs are more than pure cosmetic capitalism, they give your face a binding finish more kind to skin than the old drag-queen-hairspray-trick. Urban Decay’s and MAC’s are highy recommended.

Clean Face, Good Base
Fashion mags bang on bout it, but its true. Slapping more slap onto old wins no beauty contests – instead, prep skin properly for a paparazzi-bright polish. After cleansing, use a brightening face mask or gentle exfoliator. Tone and moisturise, before letting skin settle for a few minutes to avoid redness and unnecessary inflammation. Lastly, dab away any excess oil with tissue and use a primer to give foundation a clean, even surface to sit. And remember, you can never be too tired to take it off before bed – keep facewipes within arm’s reach for lazier nights.

Practice Makes Perfect, But…..
False eyelashes are notoriously difficult. Sit at a table and place a mirror flat or at a very slight angle in front of you to ensure you have the maximum possible space above our lash line to place them with tweezers. Make sure you glue the ends at their most vulnerable places, and let glue go gummy (takes aprox. 30 secs) before you start. Last, once they’re on and the glue is dry, slick over some liquid eyeliner to fill any gaps and ensure things look Chezza-perfect.

Liked our tips n tricks? For great make-up tutorials done in an accessible and easy-going way, we recommend Lauren Luke AKA Pancea81 on Youtube. She reproduces looks from music videos brilliantly, her chatty style is positively addictive and she always keeps price in mind, using affordable products unless the brands are really worth it.


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