1D1M Day 1: Punk Princess

Today I finally began my long journey of fashion experimentation for a good cause. Choosing the right dress was hard, and I decided to get two identical ones, so I can wash one while wearing the other, and so give myself more of a chance to stick to the task. The challenge here lies in the fact that dresses are designed for a specific look by their very nature, which is why 1 Pair of Jeans 1 Month just wouldn’t cut it. For financial reasons common to all students, I headed to Primarni last Saturday and picked out two of the same grey sweater dress, with cute side detailing.

Day 1

Styled with: faux leather hoodie from American Apparel // Denim biker jacket from H&M // Shoes from Schuh // Jewellery from various.

Versatility was paramount, but I feel the waterfall details on the sides mean this dress isn’t too much of a blank canvas I can be accused of cheating! It’s the same reason I avoided black. In fact, I had dreams last night that I put on the wrong dress in the morning and had to stick to the same leather body con frock for a whole month! You can imagine my relief when I woke up…………………


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