1 Dress 1 Month

Photo: Flowers of Basildon

March is the month of international women’s day; I’m undertaking a MAJOR personal challenge to raise money for Glasgow Women’s Aid, a UK charity working to end domestic violence. I must undertake to wear ONE DRESS for ONE MONTH!
Normally, I usually make at least one outfit change every day, alternating between various dimensions of my personality (pretentious? moi!?). For this challenge, I will have to find a way to do that only with accessories all through the month of March! I will be posting daily updates of my look on my blog and Facebook. I will reveal the chosen dress in the first post tomorrow, on 1st March; don’t worry, hygiene is all important, and I will have a duplicate dress to stay fresh!

Glasgow Women’s Aid has been working to stop domestic violence for 35 years. They provide a vital support system for women and children whom might have nowhere else to turn, with care and advice, information on available benefits and most importantly, safe, anonymous refuge accommodation. As a lifelong feminist, for me this represents a real way to help women in need, the most vulnerable victims of a sexist and violent culture against women. What’s more, the sartorial aspect of the challenge is a real draw for a self-confessed fashion chameleon.

Please take the time to give what you can to this worthwhile cause. You will be helping me big time to make my difference this March! ♥ Check out the pics on https://handbagsandfaghags.wordpress.com, and learn more about Glasgow Women’s Aid at http://www.glasgowwomensaid.org.uk/

Peace and love,

Rena xxx


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