Kigu To You Too


Mad Japanese street style just got one step closer to home – forget ditsy floral chiffon things Topshop call playsuits, because this is the real deal. Already massive in the land where cartoon characters are for everyone and colour spectrums run siot, the cult Kigu costumes have finally hit the UK market, just in time for festival larks and dressy-up fun. Short for kigurami, the costumes have until now been nightwear both in and out of bed in Japan for a wee while and not available outside the Asian continent – that is, ’til now. Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe, Rob da Bank and Giles Deacon are already fans of the giant fleecey animal-suits, available here exclusively on, priced at a reasonable forty quid. You can choose to be such things as a hamster, frog, giraffe, squirrel, penguin or our personal fave, the cute wee panda. Accessorize with some bad-ass hi-tops, lashings of bling and rave-worthy makeup – and seeing as they look like you could get pretty hot under the collar should you choose to club in one, we also recommend you ladies don a coordinated bikini top underneath and you can always wear them waist-down-only when the temperature kicks in. Having said that, for the crappy British fesitval weather, they look just the ticket. Baggy in style you can layer underneath, and comfy as hell, you will get messy as you like knowing you’re wrapped in the best big blanket for miles. Apparently there are even Kigu parties nowadays for the hip young Brits who can’t get enough of them, though we’re thinking the real fans must be ordering them straight from Japan somehow, or at least hitting up ebay. You can follow this awesome Kigu blog, run by the web store people, with pics of the latest antics to be undertaken in an animal costume. Oh lord, being cool just got more kerazy.

Giraffe £39.99. Photo:

Panda £39.99. Photo:

Tiger £39.99. Photo:

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