Yes Master


HBAFH ♥ Yes Master. Not just for the witty and Secretary-esque name of the brand, oh-so-tittilating in a retro, spanks and blushes kind of a way. We also love the inspiration for the AW10 collection, the model Donyale Luna, who shot to fame in the 1960s after being discovered by photographer David McCabe to be a star international model and the first black woman on British Vogue (March 1966, shot by David Bailey).

Photo: Vogue / David Bailey

Physical perfection is the ideal inspiration for fashion that celebrates the feminine body; Time magazine described Luna as “a new heavenly body who, because of her striking singularity, promises to remain on high for many a season” and she was hugely successful all through the 60s and 70s, starring in films by Andy Warhol and landing the cover of Playboy in 1975. Its that sexy and feminine side that’s the thought behind the “Extreme Shaping” collection, at first glance demure, but in the flesh very sensual, with plunging push up, clean “Parisian” nudes and blacks and padded hips in long knickers. Ooh la la!


Luna wasn’t all sugar and spice and had a dark side to her too. “The Dark Side of the Moon” embodies this controversial edge that surrounds the model; a bit of a rock chick after starring in The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus film, she was also known to be a heavy LSD user, openly declaring how free she felt after using. This escapism eventually took over: relationships reportedly broke down because of her lifestyle, which culminated in her death in 1979 in a clinic in Rome following an overdose. This edgy, dark twist in the icon’s story is brought to life in pieces also inspired by the Playboy shoot; heavy feathers on cropped bustiers and high waisted knickers are filled out to give a retro and curvy figure. Of the “Luna Eclipse” pieces, black tulle and blue crystals convey glamorous nightime allure. 




For pricing and a full list of stockists visit Yes Master.


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