Cheer For Blighty In Style

Yes, we are sick to death of hearing about the effing world cup that will not benefit South Africa one jot in the long run because after the final whistle, the poor will be still if not more impoverished than before, all profits will be pocketed by the fat cats and the country will be just as ravaged by AIDs and famine as before. Nor do we even remotly support England to be honest, but this sudden rush of patriotic fever has left the country prey to dressing itself in shiny polyester and plastic hats. There is simply no excuse. Allow us to relieve you with a look to see you through barbeque or pub garden-match-watching sessions in super-slick style.

Boo Hoo Dana Floral Prom Dress £18

This gorgeous Boo Hoo dress is not only a lovely combination of the national colours, its a pretty print of the very flower of this land. The retro-inspired prom dress shape will keep you looking rosy and beautiful with little more needed than a slick of red lippie and perhaps some liquid eyeliner, and perhaps a nice wave and rosette in your hair. And the length means it sits nicely on the fence between watching the match with your family and being subdued or looking sexy and stylish with your mates.

Irregular Choice Future Ladybug Polka Dot High Heels £69.99

Irregular Choice is one of this country’s most tresured alternative labels; check out these fabulous little heels in the right shades of white-and-red. These are a real must for pulling off the English eccentric flair, with their patchwork of polka-dot and suede and chunky heel, and the cute little ladybird feature, paired with your rose frock, will make you feel well and truly like your amid an English Country Garden even if your in the heaving sweat of Newcastle town centre.  

Topshop Teapot and Teacup Pendant £10

What better to finish off an English princess look than a sweet-as-sugar tea-cup necklace by Topshop? Forget the red lion, it is tea and tea alone that truly represents the might of the English nationhood. “Pooh!” you say, when Americans ask if one drinks tea in England everyday at 4 o’clock; why no, we drink tea all the time. And all have their own way of drinking it, of which you can deduce volumes about a man. Tea welcomes friends who drop by, lifts the spirits of the fallen and cures many an ill when it needs to. Tea, we salute you.


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