Queen Of Charms

Giorgio Martello Red Lipstick Silver Charm £15. Photo: Queen of Charms

This brand spankin’ new website is a total treasure trove for the charm collectors amongst you. Queen of Charms offers a comprehensive range of the boldest and most beautiful designer charms, as well as starter bracelets and necklaces, and to be quite honest, a few minutes of browsing makes a wannabe charm collector out of all of us. From the cute and quirky lippy, to the elegant and powerful horn, to the zany, glitzy TV, charms according to the Queen are very much the personalised jewellery statement they ought to be, to which the typical horseshoes and fairies hardly do justice. Also on offer are bead charms, shell charms, dangles, kids’ choices and proper posh ones set with Swarovski crystals and everything. Favourite of ours comes from the same guys as the TV – a little robot who comes in silver or gold; electro pop to the max! Perfect for gifting charmy mates, the site also comes with “A Man’s Guide” (rather presumptuous of men’s taste we must say, but still) that will serve anyone who is buying for a special Someone Else. We also love Queen’s other wares, like this crystal encrusted ring set to last a rock diva a lifetime of fierce style.

Visit Queen of Charms’ online boutique or catch them on Facebook. 

Giorgio Martello Black Horn Charm £48

Me & Zena Silver Metal Entertain Me Charm £10

Me & Zena Robot Charm Gold £12. Photo: Queen of Charms


Silver Service Crystal Skull Ring £125




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2 responses to “Queen Of Charms

  1. Joan Shaw

    I have bought a couple of charms and a fab Babbette Wasserman ring (sheer indulgance i know.)from queen of charms now and each time the goods came the very next morning, the site is really easy to for once the pictures of the charms are very good and you can clearly see whats on offer.

    One of the girls in the office has just had a baby girl so we’re clubbing to buy her one of the funky little baby bracletts and a few charms.

    • handbagsandfaghags

      thanks for your comment joan! i’m so glad they have prompt delivery, it makes such a difference – I ordered once off a site (mentioning no names) and the porduct still hadn’t arrived 6 weeks later despite numerous phone calls. by the time they sent a replacement i was so unexcited to get it!

      that’s so sweet about your friend’s baby too – such a nice thing for to have and grow up with! fab idea

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