Reset London Pop-up Boutique


In London for the May Bank Holiday? Then get yerself along to Nike’s 1948 Space where RESET pop-up boutique offer the wares of 14 bona fide UK brands for your custom. There’s music, food and uber-cool Wah Nails will be making your claws look deadly-hot. Our fave band there is Swanz Fly, ladies streetwear brand by designer Zahra Swanzy, that tailors fierce urban style that LDN does best to the feminine physique. Check out the tee below with its vintage pin-up print that will glamourise the laid back girl, the loud print tube skirt fo sexy sassy style, or the mental 2-finger rings we personally have our beady eye on! And for those based outside planet London or if ye cannae be bothered to get ootta bed pal, go immediatley to Swanz Fly online and get yer hands on mail order. 

SXC Wrist Tee Photo:

Hi-Waisted Print Tube Skirt Phot:

Fly Ring Photo:


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