Jean-Charles de Castelbajac borrows from Maria Blaisse for Lady Gaga

As well you know, Lady Gaga’s Telephone video featured all kinds of outfits cutom-made by various designers from around the globe. The following “Jailhouse Rock” black and white striped leather number was among our fave’s and was put together by none other than Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, he of the Kermit coat and Monster skirt fame. Otherwise known as the Marquis de Castelbajac, the Morrocan aristocrat has designed and created artworks since  ’68 and is kind of a big deal. He’s worked with Warhol and dressed Pope Jean Paul 2! His work shows a love of iconic cartoons and famous faces; I still fantasize about that Obama dress, Obamafever over or not. He now dresses the likes of the Coconut Twins, Santogold, Casette Playa and M.I.A. 

Photo: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Spring 2009 /

Photo: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac AW 2009 /

However, we have just noticed a heap of similarity between the Jailhouse dress and the one featured in Dazed&Confused’s tribute to Maria Blaisse, another artist-slash-designer who started working in ’68. D&C ran a shoot that paid tribute to her sculputral designs that revolutionised the shape of clothes on the body.

Photo: Lady Gaga / Interscope Records

Photo: Dazed&Confused

This piece in particular was created for Dazed with Maria’s work in mind, but still, did he get some not-so-subtle inspiration from somewhere or is it just that, well, great minds think alike??


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