Barbeque Chic

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Finally, after months wrapped in chunky wools and waterproofs, the sun’s rays have hit our tiny lump of rock in the middle of the ocean and the summer is here! Time to enjoy a whole range of rags, if only for a weekend or two, normally thrust to the backs of dusty wardrobes for the holidays you never go on. Time too for chillin’ and grillin in the park/garden/beach – that’s right, the barbecue season has well and truly started. I have been to two this weekend, both vegetarian ones, which proves miricles really do happens kids, the food was amazing: grilled mediterranean skewers with haloumi, king prawn, salmon burgers and yummy nut cutlets, washed down with lashings of Malibu and salad. Healthy and tasty, can’t do better than that! Thing is, no matter how you look at it, sitting on the grass feeding the food baby is never a simple case of chuck anything on – you wanna look chic and be comfy, as any tight clothes will tell you so. It’s kind of like Christmas Day but in summer. Also, dark colours attract heat, and you don’t wanna be sweating or for that matter too chilly with the breeze. Frankie Beaded Floral Dress £16

This cute floral dress from online boutique Boo Hoo is a great flirty summer number and the high waist band means no tightness after one too many burger buns, and the cascading sides are super-flattering. Just throw on a denim jacket or cardie if the breezes start and even better, a busy print like this will hide any cheeky wine/grass stains! Stella Bodice Maxi Dress £21

You’ve seen floaty floral maxis, but you can stand out in the crowd with Boo Hoo‘s trannytastic leopard print version, great for the evening barbie. Vamp it up with a slick of red lippie and kohl and you’re good to go. Maxis are a must for feeling a bit full and you won’t get grass imprint on your legs either – a bit like wearing your own picnic rug!

Topshop Tropical Print Playsuit £50

Playsuits are a great park choice – rolling around on the grass half-melted on cheap cider isn’t the best way to preserve your modesty, so why not let your clothes do that for you. Print principle from dress number one remains true and the one-shoulder design on Topshop‘s version make it classy enough for day to night transitions all season long. No one-trick-pony, this won’t end up gathering dust at the back of your closet with bikinis and sandals, which is kind of what you’d want for fifty quid, really.

ASOS Demin Strappy Bowler Bag £35

When you go to the park, you wanna take loadsa shit. iPod speakers, bottle of bucky, sunscreen, jumper, rug, makeupbag, et cetra et ceteraaaaa…. Hence, a big bag is a must! This durable denim ASOS one will keep all your shit together and resist too much battering. Just dont get so drunk you can’t find your phone in the deepest depths…

Dune Hitch Sandals £60

These Dune sandals are F.I.E.R.C.E., definitely booting last summer’s gladiators off the radar with one swing of a spiky foot. Flats are by far best for grass – only at a wedding do you need to bother risking even hardy old wedges, broken ankles are just never a hot look.


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