Beyoncé Works Retro Cool

Finally Beyoncé releases a video that doesn’t involve her in a Thierry Muglier leotard with two body-double back-up dancers! And we must say her stylist has done an orgasmic job; the underwear and curlers look is brilliant as is B’s crazy-drunk fifties (sixties?) housewife character with a little bit of loco in her martini. The details are all there, including cat’s eyes sunglasses, excessive costume jewels and the orange lippy she wears for the sexy black military hat bit is oh-so-now, dahling. Getting down to all kinds of chores from mending her car to scrubbing the glass doors, Bee keeps it all fabulouso and fashionable. It’s like she took the bling and glitter dust outta Dreamgirls and added all the mad-bitch drama styling from Telephone and we got this. Result? Hotness all round. And she’s still working those short bangs like she means it. Fave of mine is the look she works in her undies on the bed with the telephone and cocktail; below, check out this makeup tutorial on Boobtube for the kind of retro slap she’s got on.


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