Fag Hag of the Month: May

Photo: Vogue

May’s HBAFH cover star is up for an achievement award for her fantastic views on bringing up her kids; apparently, Angelina Jolie has been making serious efforts that her children aren’t pressured early into making gender choices. Go girl! The mother of 6 allows the children to pick toys and clothes to suit their mood and personality rather than genitals and inists nannies and carers do the same. Always one with her head screwed on, Angelina is a positive poster girl for ethical issues, is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and regularly contributes massive amounts of time and wealth to various charity ventures. Her adoption of children from the Third World might be seen by some as headline grabbing, Jolie is no Madge. She was there first, she obviously loves these children as her own, has liften three individuals out of dire poverty, even if she can’t save the whole world we can’t expect her to. But this latest move really got our attention. Too often, I hear of mothers-to-be lamenting the pink and blue stereotypes of toy shops with no red, yellow or green in between; our children are being taught at a younger and younger age what their sex is and it needs to slow down. A sure fire money-spinner, but do we really give our kids understanding of equality from preaching pink princess and action hero stereotypes to three-year-olds? Zahara obviously enjoys the feminine side of things, but little diva Shiloh is making style waves with her Sam Ronson-esque pixie crop and DM choices. And she still has the rest of her life to discover lipstick. Good on Ange for not turning her daughter into a sparkly puppet like that idiot Katie Holmes.


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