Summer Wedding Style

I normally resent these type of fashion features because wedding inivitations are not a regular feature of my lfe, summer or otherwise. This feature is dedicated to my jet-setting diva sister, however, whose only going to Brazil dahling for a wedding this very summer; what’s more, these pieces of course apply to any summer daytime party that needs a nice balance between smart for specialness, modest and classy for family consimuption but sexy for alluring the fit singletons lurking at these type of things. And with a twist, this includes graduation balls, people! And I know plenty of people planning on hitting those up soon, yours truly included. 

Photo: Marcio Madeira

The “MAXI!” dress! Unashamèd long long lengths of material cascade around your body, hinting at the lithe supple frame (pah!) underneath; it’s summer sunset and you are gorgeously elluding toxic levels of sensuality as the swarthy man of your dreams regards you through lowered eyelashes from across the beach…….. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t always happen that way in real life! You stand in the changing rooms of Glasgow’s rainy Primark contemplating your beach goddess fantasy from under swathes of printed polyester and realise there’s no effing way to wear this dress in normal life without major balls. So you discard – but summer events like weddings are by far top notch stage space for maxi heaven(swarthy lover not included). Colourful and pretty, the dramtic length is great for turning heads and way cooler than the hunreds of waxen tanned legs that’ll be sure to be on show. What’s more, they’re great day-to-night workers so at a wedding, you won’t feel too much of a tranny in church, nor too much of a granny on the dance floor, looking awesome with both heels and flats alike. And yes, the one above featured in the Diane von Furstenburg show (SS09) in The City ad currently on repeat play before and after every remotely girly show on Viva.  

Roberto Cavalli Silk-chiffon printed kaftan dress £1220

Moschino Cheap&Chic Floral-print Maxi Dress £440

Adam Embellished Washed-Satin Dress £840

The fantasy buys; Roberto Cavalli has long ago nailed the type of ballsy floral maxi dresses Diane Von Furstenburg was showing for Spring ’09, but I love this gorgeous neon one with pattens on the side. The kaftan shape is interesting and will hide a multitude of sins.Meanwhile, Moschino do a mean classic take on the maxi; the print is almost floral but hints too at those artsy prints waging war with digital styles this season. Loves it. Finally, it doesn’t have to be about ballsy colour and floral shades – this silky Adam simple elegant style is gorgeous and reminds us very much of SJP’s Chanel Oscar carpet choice, though half the price tag (yes, even at that!). Much more suitable we’d guess, to the grad ball shopper than wedding guest – if she’d not in her virginal best, you’ll be mistaken for the bride.

Monsoon Paradise Maxi Dress £140

River Island Printed Tiered Maxi Dress £24.99

Topshop Geo Graphic Maxi Dress £35

Monsoon are really the queens of maxi dresses; for years I thought they were called Monsoon dresses. Like Matthew Williamson, they have long made a killing out of the market before others joined in the fun. No surprises then that this heavenly “Paradise” dress ticks all the boxes. The shoulder shape is far more wearable and flattering than other halter-neck or strapless styles and gives all that floaty crap underneath something to hold onto.The print is just gorgeous, not entirely unlike Moschino’s one, and with a bit more zesty citrus colours in too. Next, River Island works the multi pattered gypsy style madness in regal purple, a colour just right for the commanding presence of the dress’s length. And last, Topshop offer a pretty pastel number with bold geometric patterns for you frumps not up for florals just yet. Though take notes from DVF, those feather and fringing styling means the maxi can be tough rock chic too, even if she is on holiday in Malibu.


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