Street Style @ Deep, Whitley Bay

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know; fashion in the provinces is notorious for being all tans and tit-tape, but personally I’d never have it any other way. It packs a punch like no other, and on a Saturday night on the tiles, delivers simple and effective message to the other sex. This is about stating your womanhood loud and proud for all to see. Why should we let drag queens have all the fun? That po-faced lip-glossed Frost from Snog, Marry, Avoid can suck it, the best thing about growing up was becoming the Barbie yourself; playing dressing up and face-paints is so much more fun now that the lemonade has vodka in it and noone’s telling you its bed time.



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3 responses to “Street Style @ Deep, Whitley Bay

  1. Haha interesting take on the look…

  2. sinead

    Great article, the girls look fabulous, thanks for sharing the underappreciated style going on in whitley bay

  3. handbagsandfaghags

    woop! can’t wait for my exams to be over to dress like a tranny for a night on the tiles pronto! whitley bay all the way.

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