Fag Hag of the Month: April


Photo: Kesh / therealkesh.blogspot.com

She is fabulous, original, multi-talented, so much so she goes beyond inspiring. Kesh is everything you want to be and more; but to try to emulate the London gal turned DJ-designer, model and muse herself is to try and copy a bona-fide imaginative talent. This month’s cover star is creativity itself I first discovered on her mad myspace page a few years ago, spotted at Paris Fashion week back in 2008 and have been in love with ever since. Her personal look of krazy prints, lycra, huge gold jewellery and a hella fierce hair-do consists of chopped up and re-styled charity shop finds, relying on her own fair hands and whimsical desires to create a signature style rather than spending heaps or relying on rag mags. Starting to design as young as 12, she has since created a line of t-shirts, expanding to sportswear, that’s been snapped up by the likes of superstar icons Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Lupe Fiasco. In 2008 she was selected to show her menswer as part of Topman’s MAN show at LFW, having already modelled there for Basso&Brooke and Katherine Hamnett, as well as for Nike in Milan. Since, she’s been tirelessly self-promoting in the States, shown in New York Fashion Week, as well as pursuing that other hobby of her’s, DJing. That, she started with bezza and journalistic starlet Zezi as the Coconut Twins, who as her day-job has edited SuperSuper and presented for T4, among, of course, other things. Late last year, they split and Kesh went solo; she’s played discos across the world, from the East End to New York, Canada to Germany and counts Miss MIA as a good mate, who probs givs her a good few tips. She also has legions of fans on her witty, whimsical but utterly cool blog, therealkesh, where she uploads arty snaps of her wild adventures, like painting skateboards like a totem pole for an art expo, dressing up for the hell of it, shaving her head, photoshoots, rolling on her bed with her cat, Paris escapes, you know how it is… Normally blogs that are too personal tend to get boring, but with a ife of heady day-jobs and international partying, her’s makes highly entertaining if a little enviable reading, especiall accompanied by her snappy photos. Keeping up? For her endless creative talent and energy, Kesh has found herself featured in RWD, i-D, SuperSuper and Vogue, though despite this and her glittery clientele, she’s an uber-cool chick at heart who gets a much greater kick outta seeing a mate forwarding a pic of themselves in her latest creation than a sleb who’ll chuck it the next day. “They get given so much free sh*t that it doesn’t mean anything to them,” she says. She also doesn’t envisage a world-conquest of Kesh for the masses, preferring to keep it exclusive and underground. While her actual style might be unique to her, and her enterprises specific to her obvious talent, the sentiment is definitely translatable for all; be yourself and be it loud. A poster-girl for the agent-less generation of self-styled superstars that have hijacked social networking sites to make their presence felt and faces known, she’s genuine raw talent that I really hope to see around for a long while yet.


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