A HBAFH Playlist

She's a diva in the driving seat. Photo: Fedelma Smith

I recently went old skool and made a CD for my big, beautiful sister Fedelma Claire Smith for her birthday on my laptop – I was going to go even old skooler and record it onto a tape but even I have no longer access to such ancient technology (my walkman did only concede to an iPod about 9 months ago…). My sister is one hella strong woman, and inspires me everyday – razor-sharp smart and sassy along with it, she has achieved a whopping amount already in life and is deffo on the road to even greater things. Also she knows exactly what she wants and even though she is one hot lil’ mama, she is a fan-freakin’-tastic poster girl for a fabulous single life. With this in mind, the choons I compiled all sing for the independance that empowers we women, songs by and for girls that remind us how fekin amazing we are. I also shunted in a couple of fuck-yous to the fellas we’ve met along the way that totally prove wrong that ole myth that lonely ladies are some kinda failiure at life – with d*ckheads like that around, you know damn well your better off alone! And if they’re studs when single, why ain’t we? Oh, yeah, we are. Ha! So though I made it for Fedelma for when she wants to give the self-confidence a bit of a booster, and though it was totally made personally for her, as I picked songs I think might get her sexy bootay shakin’, I thought I’d share the result with ya’all as bona fide HBAFH anthems. Here goes…

“Sisterhood – Songs of Feminine Solidarity” : 1.Just A Girl – No Doubt 2. Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves – Eurythmics feat. Aretha Franklin 3. Survivor – Destiny’s Child 4. Bulletproof – La Roux 5. Stand Up – Cheryl Cole 6. Single Ladies – Beyoncé 7. Hush Hush (Dave Audé Remix) – Pussycat Dolls 8. Telephone – Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé 9. Independant Woman Part 2 (Destiny’s Child) vs. Dreadlock Holiday (10CC) – 2ManyDJs 10. Whatcha Think About That – Pussycat Dolls feat. Missy Elliott 11. Lady Marmalade (Thunderpass Radio Remix) – Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil’ Kim, P!nk, Missy Elliott 12. Viva Forever – Spice Girls



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2 responses to “A HBAFH Playlist

  1. I always love Independent Women by Destiny’s Child….

  2. handbagsandfaghags


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