She Looked Awesome!

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

So people have been berating Sarah Jessica Parker left right and centre for her oscar red carpet choice. Coco Perez couldn’t believe she’d wear a temp tattoo to the big event, especially with Chanel Couture. What is with that?? It’s a Chanel temp tattoo, muppet! Remember Unkle Karlie covered Dirty Martini in them for her very own Lagerfeld shoot? And on Go Fug Yourself, ever the complimentary voices of grace, readers voted her outfit by 22% the worst dressed. She looks stunning! The silky smooth fabric looks fabulous in this long elegant shape, the neckline is interesting and beautiful, and I love the band detail going across the throat. And her styling is impeccable too – it was a great idea to team up the oh-so-now temp tat’s with a big pile of other bracelets, making it a subtle part of a bigger statement; accessorizing wrists, ears and fingers was a great idea complementary to the statement neckline, and the updo is classy and compliments her classic silhouette. Worst dressed? I think this is just anti-Sarah Jay chat at its finest. Go Fug Yourself readers clearly have no sense by which to judge fashion other than recognising the faces wearing the clothes. Way. To. Go.



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3 responses to “She Looked Awesome!

  1. I didn’t think this dress was a massive disaster or a massive success. On the up side, it’s Chanel Couture for God’s sake. On the down side, it has an unsightly seam running down the *front* of the dress (look at her knees and below), it’s not sitting right on her in any of the photos, and the catwalk model pulled it off better. I do think a good red carpet going should look *better* on the slightly larger celebs than the real models (yes SJP is thin, but she is no professional model).

  2. handbagsandfaghags

    ach, she pulled it off. she’s thin in my book – I like SJPs figure, its slightly athletic. models look weird on the red carpet – not on the catwalk but yes it real life

  3. handbagsandfaghags


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