Happy Women’s Day 2010!!!

Photo: archive.cmm.edu

HBAFH would like to wish you a warm, warm International Women’s Day on today, 8th March 2010. Yay for the laydeez! Girls, obviously, give yourselves a big old pat on the back for your specialness at being born with a vagina, having to take so much shit for it, and for the fact that we don’t have to take nearly as much (hopefully) as we once did. We rock! Dudes, you have something to celebrate for having women on planet earth too. As Wilde put it in The Picture of Dorian Gray, “if we women did not love you for your defects, where would you all be? …a set of unfortunate bachelors”! So, woman or man, you can today show your love for the sisters by buying flowers or a wee gift or just saying something extra nice to a woman you care about (be it your sister, your mates, your mam or your gran) and smiling most heartily to the women you see around you. Or maybe you could give to a charity that focuses on helping women such as the White Ribbon Campaign or Cancer Research UK. This was long a tradition in Russia where the day was set aside to celebrate Women, a bit like Mother’s Day in Blighty. Innerestingly, though it was the yanks who officially named the day (in 1909 by the Socialist Party of America), left-wing governments around the world took most warmly to officialising the day. It was actually an International Women’s Day march that kicked off heated events on the first day of the Febuary Revolution in Russia in 1917 (did you also know it was fired up women who started all the fuss in France’s Revolution by marching to see the king in Versailles back in 1789??) which just goes to show women are far from invisible from history, though they might seem so in some history books. Unfortuately, old skool Soviet connotations have lead to the day being abolished in countries like the Czech Republic, but moves are being made to bring it back. Woop! And as the title implies, there should be no political ties barbing the day, because women are everywhere, every culture, every creed, and deserve to be celebrated in every way.


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