Worthy Of – Dare We Say It – McQueen?

The DSquared² duo presented their AW Collection in Milan last week of fabulous vampy style. Style.com harumphed that the opportunity for some super-sleek sportswear was missed for this instead, but the look is hella fierce. They didn’t just stick to black gothic paltette either, offering too some cream and brown shaded versions. There was also lashings of lace, leather and lipstick, so keep a hold of those bad boys for another winter of Bram Stoker-inspired 40s glamour vamp when winter arrives near Hallowe’en time. We can just imagine this fierce bitch stalking the streets of a Tarentino-esque fantasy of 2nd World War misty London…. perhaps killing a Nazi or two along the way and sucking their blood. There were also amazing 80s disco diva references, making an altogther fantasic orgasmic HBAFG worthy show.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Photo: Mario Madeira / Firstview.com

Best of all were these skeleton shoes. Dan and Dean Caton have undoubtedly picked up pointers from the legend of McQueen with these fashion fantasies. Especially on these spindly models, the heel of the shoe literally becomes an extention of the spine, and with the tough leather platform front, makes for one hella fierce gothic look, but most importantly, the simplicity of the front of the shoe allows the spinal heel to stand out in statement, and joins the numerous examples (McQueen’s Armadillos amongst them) of when footwear is morphing into a heady world of footitechture.

Photo: hurricanevanessa.com

Photo: hurricanevanessa.com

Photo: hurricanvanessa.com

No doubt a pair will be fast snapped up by another disciple of Lee, Miz GaGalicious, who used bones and skeletal structures in the catsuit she wore at her 2009 AMA performance, and posed with a boney buddy for her ‘shoot with Out Magazine, as it all fits in perfectly with the theatrical death themes of her current album, The Fame Monster. Themes our friend Lee McQueen was of course no stranger too. with so many cross references going on, I wonder who influenced who?

Photo: Craig Sjodin / ABC

Photo: Out Magazine


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