Orla Kiely Presentation AW 2010

Photo: Rena Smith

All-inclusive brand Orla Kiely produced a smart and witty retro experience for their Autumn Winter 2010 collection that included some major old-skool prints mixed and matched in outfits and clashing fabulously with their very own designs of wallpaper and furniture in ways that would make ya granny proud. Shift dresses and cardies, Chanel suits and macs mixed 50s, 60s and 70s references, and against an all-mod-cons-included kinda set (it felt like it was made for a 70s sit com) polished off the off beat, killer kitsch vibe. However, there was far more than met the eye – the socks and platform sandals combo is terribly now and those weekend bags need no stretch of the imagination to be very 2010. The granny chic was all just a trick, this was simple and sophisticated fashion sex.

Photo: Rena Smith

The brown and blue pallette here is fresh and means that though the prints are mismatched, they don’t seem so. The leaf print on this dress is witty without being too cutesy, though that might be the killer heels; the striped cardi is staple-worthy of any wardrobe, and proves Breton stripes don;t have to be confined to nautical/summer wardrobes. Natch.

Photo: Rena Smith

How much are these ladees chanelling the valium-soaked houewife look?? Truth is, the whole presentation thing is a good alternative to a catwalk show – so much less stress, with guests wandering in and chatting over champers instead of crushing each other to death in a scrum for front row, but it must be nerve wracking for the poor girls to be gawped at and hear everything people are saying about you close up – no room for fierce runway strides here. Still. Cute pussybow on the right and the lefthand side bag is a beauty of classic reinvention.

Photo: Rena Smith

This purple wallpaper print mac is spectacular. It could be the perfect accompaniement to a mad-cap multi-coloured Dutch type outfit or, like here, speaks volumes as a statement on its own. The flower print, as well as being an OK signature (check how it matches it’s brown shaded twin in the background??) is 60s genius and looks great on the Swingin’ London style coat that makes the era reference multi-dimensional. Serve with mega peroxide beehive and false eyelashes.

Photo: Rena Smith

Finally, the simplicity of this gorgeous grey coat makes it a killer investment buy, especailly in these chilly climes. The key to a great wardrobe in these parts, where winter lasts 6 months long, is a good collection of coats – wear the same one everyday and people think you only have one look, so it’s definitely worth splashing out on a range of coverings, and this one will keep you sugar sweet and cosy all at once.


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  1. It was also a great event to get blind drunk and meet people from your home city!


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