Gaga’s Telephone Video: Sneak Peak

Photo: Lady Gaga /

Lady Gaga has released this image for her hotly anticipated video Telephone, her second duet with the other pretender for this millenium’s Queen of the Pop Universe, Miz Beyoncé Knowles. Hot! By the looks of the pic, we have plenty to be excited about – Gagaloo said it will blow the clip for Bad Romance outta the water, and we’re much intrigued to see where this could go. The hair-phone is a super kooky twist on her former signature hair piece, the hair bow, and it looks like the theme is some sort of naughty cook thang, and is much reminiscent of one of Gwen Stefani’s tour outfits from 2007’s The Sweet Escape show, see below. We can’t wait to see what hotness the ladies bring, and hopefully it will beat the boring white leotards of B’s Video Phone. A naked Beyonce covered in whipped cream and Lady Gaga in giant cupcake shoes, s’il vous plaît.

Photo: Gwen Stefani /


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