Valentine’s Show @ Che Camille

At the heart of Glasgow’s fashion scene lies Che Camille, tucked outta sight at the top of Argyll Chambers. Showroom and workshop, it plays host once in a while to some informal fashion shows, and the latest honoured the feast of St Valentine and all things love.  The space was decorated this time round with candles along the edge of the runway, feathers dangling from the ceiling and retro Spanish porn mags, giving it an edgy but intimate atmosphere; that or it was the stiff cocktails “Cupid’s Garden” helping things along to a rather relaxed start. Opening the show was a collection of vintage delights; girls in lingerie skipped about teasing boys working the old skool vibes in togs by Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and the men kept things fierce with some rather natch ‘tashes on sticks. 

Photo: Che Camille /


Next up was a sports theme; jolly hockey sticks and Bo Peep lingerie were given three twists on the orginal. First there was a kinda hollaback girl thang with ripped tees, Pringle print socks, trainers and of course, a hella fierce swing in the step. Teamed with cute wee kilts that were lifted at the end of the catwalk gave things a naughty school girl spice and lastly, it was strictly school marm in high waisted panties and stiff netting skirts; then the sticks looked especially threatening.

Photo: Che Camille /


Photo: Che Camille /


The Apres-ski collection was awesome woolens; dresses by Love Me Again and accessories by Sagen, Hilary Grant and Hibernate, there were planty of sexy body-hugging shapes in bright retro colours to get the snow-chilled juices pumping.

Photo: Che Camille /


Photo: Che Camille /


The fourth installement was another lingerie collection; beginning as a standard runway frog-march, they spunked it up using the fitting rooms as a set for a Benny Hill-style romp, with gorgeous girl and boy models chasing each other in and out of the cubicles with pots and pans, feather dusters and the like, and you almost managed to get a good look at the clothes too. HBAFH fave was the purple skirt and cape by Kureaa Besu and pink bra by Little Lucy that strutted all the way down the runway, as did a lovely lemon nighty by Betty Swollocks. 

Photo: Che Camille /


I don't look impressed but I was. Photo: Che Camille /


It was hard to know if the “Benny Hill” escapade hadn’t just been a cover for some less-than-confident debutante models. The next part, intended as a lingerie parade, was rather hampered by the swathes of almost opaque lace over the models. The lingerie, by the likes of Gilda & Pearl was hard to make out beneath the fabric, though body-beautiful Demi wasn’t so hampered in her Betty Swollocks vintage nightgown. It looks so cosy! 

Photo: Che Camille /


Photo: Che Camille /


Another man collection followed, in functional futuristic Bayo menswear. This was all beautifully tailored, and in a fabulous range of colours. Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for; Heriott Watt fashion grad Jodi McCann presented Bruised Perfection, a whirl of soft gothic lace and velvet in distinctly feminine rock chic pieces; corseted dresses and jackets with huge soft shoulders made with sweeping power, and electric blues mingled with hues of black in a sultry, brilliant collection. 

Photo: Che Camille /


After the show was a preview of a music video made with Che Camille as set and both proprietier Camille and models as cast, and an art exhibition. Che Camille is soon to be launching as a modelling agency, though here’s to hoping  that the models’ confidence will match the quality of the establishment. Of course, they rocked it in many ways, especially for an amateur bunch, but lingerie is the most difficult clothes to show, and tests the metal if nothing else does. Having said that, it’s great to see wee fashion events like this kicking off in Glasgow. Che Camille has a wonderfully informal atmosphere that means even if the models can’t walk semi-naked down the catwalk, who cares? Perhaps there’s way too many people taking themselves too seriously in fashion these days, and hey, it’s all for a giggle at the end of the day.


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