Long Live The McQueen

Photo: fashionindie.com

The death of Alexander McQueen at the age of just 40 yrs old comes as a shock and terrible sadness to us all. Ultimately, his legacy proves wrong the idea of fashion as superfluous; a tender-hearted anarchist, theatricality and darkness were the playthings of his numerous collections with inspirations as wide as psychology, Hitchcock thrillers and Lord of the Flies. He successfully combined creativity with a business-mind, creating collections that were both commercial success stories as well as wildly imaginative, and his influence found its way into the wardrobes of even those who couldn’t afford his designs; skull motifs, hipster waistlines, tartan and dogtooth are just some of the things he gve his own unique twist and brought to the fore for many. Notoriously the bad boy of the industry, it will surely be for his wicked sense of fun for which he will be sorely missed. As an apprentice cutter at a Saville Row tailor, he chalked “I am a cunt” inside suits being made for the Prince of Wales, and at the height of the Kate Moss cocaine scandal in 2005, when most distanced themselves from the model for fear of losing business partners, McQueen took his catwalk bow in this slogan shirt. But despite his love for shock and rebellion, it was the death of his mother Joyce last week, with whom he was exceptionally close, that it is thought left the designer so fatally devastated; intensley shy in his private life, he perhaps just could not face life to go on without her, though others must go on without him. In a 2004 Guardian interview, she asked him what was his greatest fear. He answered, “dying before you”.

Rest In Peace, Lee Alexander McQueen. 17th March 1969 – 11th Febuary 2010.


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  1. Nooooooo! Another loss in the already small bundle of true geniuses in today’s fashion industry…May Alex rest in peace…

    Btw, I’m the Chinese girl you took pic on Che Camille show the other day. Was nice to be lead to your blog. It’s fun. 🙂

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