Trashy Fashion At Its Best!

Love love love!  Fashion is sometimes really damn good at just saying a big fat fabulous “fuck you”. Ever since the recession hit, there’s been folks droning on and on about investment buys, durable style, classic buys; who are we kidding? It’s all hypocrisy; the name of fashion is change, reinvention, new looks, new clothes and box-fresh shoes. Close all the fashion houses down? That would mean some investment buying. So enter Louis Vuitton and the $1,996 rubbish-bag handbag, aka the Raindrop Besace.

Photo: Louis Vuitton /

In fact made of genuine leather, these wee beauties are designed to look and be carried (the strap is detatchable) like rubbish bags. It plays on the whole recycling/reusable fashion thang brilliantly. Big moves have been made to make fashion a “green” industry; Stella McCartney claims her house is totally carbon neutral. Last year, Alexander McQueen used old sets in creating the new for his spring show and sent models out in Phillip Treacy hats made of household junk. But there seems a tension between the ethics of the enviromentalist campaign, which is inherantly conservationist, and the ambitions of fashion as an industry, inherently wasteful. The recycled set was an idea that only has currency once, and can’t, for instance, be the same set for the rest of McQueen’s career. Perhaps the junk hats were, like these bags, more a witticism on the preoccupation these days with waste and how we’re dealing with it (the different colour bags reminiscent of colour-coded bags for recycling our continental cousins use) than a genuine move to end climate change. Like the Treacy hats, the bags and indeed all our fashion apparell was made to be worn for a limited time then exchanged for something new. Otherwise, it would not be a money-making industry at all. Green fashion? There’s only one colour that might be “in” for all seasons, and it strongly reflects our planet’s dismal future. Good old black.

Photo: Louis Vuitton /


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