It’s About Time Too

Photo: Armani /

St Valentine’s Day is, of course, an utter God-send for (if not, a complete fabrication of) retailers everywhere. For the first V Day in the new decade, Armani Exchange released a set of 3 photographs in a campaign entitled “Share the Love”, featured one gay, one lesbian and one hetro couple apiece. The move isn’t just clever advertising (look at the free inches it’s getting here!); it’s a breakthrough in advertising history. Because frankly, I often wonder at why this hasn’t happened before. I don’t just mean “wonder” figuratively, I mean I frequently think long and deeply in utter amazement that we live in such a prudish and unrepresentative world. There are loads of gay couples out there, and they need pants too! There’s such an enormous link between peopl bein invisible in adverts and invisible in the cultural ad political conscousness. The day gay couples will be seen sofa shopping or lesbians discussing the best car insurance without a sonic boom hapenning in the mid-west of America will be a happy one. Yet it seems there is still a long way to go. Phillip Cosby from the National Coalition for the Protection of Children complains that “sex sells”, while the group say they “poison children with 10-foot posters that are nothing but soft porn”. These posters are anything but porn. They are somewhat sensual, but actually rather sweet snaps evoking couples very much in love; this promotes safe sex within the limits of loving relationships, not like porn at all. It’s clearly the fact that they are gay that’s getting up these people’s noses. Posters of women need to have their nipples out or practically orgasming on camera to be protested against. Marriage isn’t the last pit-stop before equality – I want to see gays plastered over billboards from Dublin to Dubai!


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