At Least It’s Not Cheryl

Photo: Armani

None other than one Miz Victoria Beckham was crowned LOVE Magazine’s Most Stylish Person of 2009. Gone are the days of hair extentions, bootcut jeans and corset tops of the 2006 World Cup, it seems Vicky B has at last wormed her way to the top of the fashion class; the list was compiled by Katie Grand, Isaac Lock, Christina Lindsay and Giles Deacon, no less. It has indeed been a good old year for the former Queen WAG – all the better for distancing herself from that image and handing those particular reins of power over to her Geordie hair-extentioned heir. She has been steadily climbing the fashion ladder since, just like her Armani ad. 

Photo: Marc Jacobs

First, ranges of cutesy his-n-her perfumes,  a jeans ‘n’ sunglasses range dVb and a stint as guest designer for jeans giant Rock & Republic seemed normal, sleb-with-too-much-money behaviour; see similar attempts by Kanye West, Gwen Stefani and Lindsay Lohan to make to leap to become designer gurus. Then there were the Marc Jacobs adverts, playing on her status as international style icon, permenantly attached to her Louboutins, and those Armarni campaigns showing off her stunning, size-zero model body. Gone were the corset tops, the woman turned into a veritable clothes horse for high fashion and even higher heels, and landed a cover of British Vogue in April 2008. From her new, even posher home of LA she launched Victoria Beckham, the line of Real Grown-Up Designer Dresses, and recieved critical acclaim and designer endorsement all round, which she shows at New York Fashion Week.

Photo: Vogue Russia

Yet it seems she really does have an skill for design, according to the snaps from the red carpets, the dresses are flattering and edgy, and prove again women for women are at the top of the designing game these days. Slow and steady doesn’t just win the race, it owns it; Beckham’s rise to power has been thanks to a relentless campaign of wooing designer friends like Jacobs, Roland Mouret and the D&G boys, honing an image of style icon through free publicity known as the pap snap and not least, having a hell of, ahem, buying power. With Giles’s backing, she might just qualify as a Fag Hag – it’s been pointed out that dspite her demure wife-and-mother image, it’s thanks to her ruthless business skills that David is the man-brand he is today. Many slebs would balk at the kind of hatred Victoria’s had in the press for sticking it out and making the move from singer to star designer. The girl’s got balls, man.



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