Fag Hag Of The Month: February

Our cover girl feature is back. The aim of HBAFH is to be more an ‘online style magazine’ than a straight up blog, which means more meaningful and thoughtful posts, then we need a monthly cover star too! And who better to fly the flag than the gorgeous and uber-talented Fag Hag, Miz Beyoncé Knowles.

Photo: Elle / Alexei Hay

2010 looks like it’ll be the year for Bee, as if she wasn’t a big stomping world success anyway, that is. We’re 36 days into the new decade, and she has already broken a world record for women everywhere with her 6-win-streak at the Grammys on Sunday. Her performance at the awards show was absolutely breathtaking; she is truly an incredible performer; a powerful voice, steely-strong stage presence and fabulouso dance moves, she really has it all. Check out YouTube for a vintage clip of her performance of Ring The Alarm at the MTV VMAs in 2006 if you think the Grammys was a one-off. Her previous track record has, to be fair, included some slightly dodgy styling that aspired to nothing more than an RnB ghetto fabulous pin-up look, and here at HBAFH your look is everything to your music, but ever since she donned the Thierry Mugler leotards, she’s gone way up in Fag Hag credentials, becoming a new symbol for tough girls everywhere. The videos for Diva, Sweet Dreams and even Single Ladies has some B amazing shizzle. For that we’ll forgive the slightly sycophantic message of some of her songs, because at the end of the day, few in mainstream pop are challenging the gender agenda so directly as Beyowulf with Like A Boy or Diva. And dodgy styling aside, there was Sexy Lil Thug in 2003, the female answer to Fiddly Cent’s In The Club. What’s more, her body is just incredible, proving you don’t need to be size zero to be beautiful, and she proved she has a heart of gold to boot when she brought Taylor Swift back on stage at the 2009 VMAs to finish her speech.


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