52nd Grammys Red Carpet: GaGa Kills It!!

Tis the season for the slebs to trot round red carpets everywhere reminding us how very much more sexy, glamourous or, in Kelis’s case, stupid they are than the rest of us. Hurrah! A wonderful sight to distract us from failed January diets and the like. Red carpet events are the kinda thing that make all of us yearn for slebdom, even for a moment. Forget paps on your lawn 24/7 or the wrath of Perez Hilton’s Microsoft Paint dribbles of cum on your photo, this is what it would really be like. And crowning them all, the one and only Lady Gagaloo: she decided to wear the solar system courteously provided by Armani Privé. Wah! You should see the video of her getting out of her car – unadulterated genius on a stick.

Photo: Getty Images

 The gown could almost be a traditional, straightforward A list number, like the one so-boring-she-may-kill Taylor Swift wore. But no – the 3-d structure and height to which it rises at the front (not in a kind of pervy, sly way that slit skirts usually end up, but in an extrvagant and very GaGa exhibitionist way) puts a twist on that, achieving a regal level of avant-garde fashion and with her orb in hand, she becomes a space-age couture queen. And the shoes! Still very much in keeping with the look, but oh, how maginifcent they are.

Photo: focusonstyle.com

After her amazing performance with Saint Elton John, she appeared in this spicy and exrovert number, also Armani Privé. Complete with lightening bolt, she is straight from outer space. It’s a damn pity Beyoncé stole all the glory last night, but this oufit maybe just shows Lady GaGa is wayyyy to good for the mainstream, no matter what people think. Stay on the fringes GaGa – suits ya better!

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