Age Is A Feminist Issue



Perez Hilton recently posted this photo along with a post about Sex and The City – apparently, there are rumours circulating that filming for SATC 3 will have to start “immediately” after the June release of the second film’s release, because otherwise the actors pictured here will look “too old”. As Perez so graciously puts it, “Better hit the Botox, ladies — but you’re not fooling anybody!” Jesus. SATC might have gone on for far longer than anyone has liked, but only because Hollywood flogs anything thats ever made a penny in profits to death. So why is the age of the actors in this case so effing problematic? It never stopped Indiana Jones. But of course in the 20-something-only Hollywood women face, we should be downright grateful if there’s a miserable Bridget Jones pajamas-and-chocolate-and-can’t-get-a-man representation of women over thirty if at all. SATC was a fresh and positive view with, shock, women over thirty as the central characters having a fucking great time. Is that so unrealistic? Because was Hilton’s implying is that beyond that, you’ve had it. Botox is your only passport to staying on the red carpets; think Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani et al. Even then, you’ll be lucky to last til 45 before they shunt you off because no matter how good you look, awe at your age-defying abilities will soon shift to snide remarks about your geriatric condition every time you so much as step out of your front door; that’s right, Madonna springs buoyantly to mind. This isn’t agism; George Clooney, at 48, and Jack Nicholson, 72, are still considered studs and sex symbols, with no petty comments about their bodies being disgusting despite their best efforts. It extends way beyond tinsel town; Hilton has spoken out about the lack of role models for young gays, which he believes to be improving. Well “older” women need role models too, or they also face feelings of social segregation and lack of self-worth.


It shows how, despite his advances for equality of sexuality, Perez can border on the chauvanistic just a little too far. Aside from poinsonous remarks on all kinds of young, beautiful and successful women, from Lily Allen to Sarah Jessica Parker (yes, she really isn’t old at 44), his hatred for Samantha Ronson threw in a nice dash of homophobia too. Calling her saMAN Ronson so systematically it’s even the spelling found in his normally nickname-free star search box, he’s hardly the gender bender he thinks he is if he has such a problem with women being butch. But there are double standards of course, and the world just wouldn’t turn round for tiny-minded people like Perez if there wasn’t.


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