Kelis Tries… And Fails


The effort is laughable. She’s never been blessed with the greatest drss sense, but Kelis’s recent red-carpet effort at the Annual Data Awards (whatever they are) is spectacularly bad. What in God’s name are you thinking, woman?? Clearly seeing GaGa’s success doing the avant-garde fashion like nobody’s business, some slebs have taken it into their tiny minds that anyone can throw on, well, anything, and get a big fat round of applause. Problem being, GaGa might look to an untrained eye like she just threw the craziest shit together possible and left the house, there is indeed logic behind the madness, certain unifying factors that mean her outfit works. Guess Kelis had to learn the hard way. The jumpsuit and McQueen heels may have worked alone had she not matched it with the heavy black male tailoring of a jacket and topped it off with a bizzare grey hairdo. The statue of liberty headpiece is kinda kooky and cool, but lost in this mess of fashion bile. The makeup has no direction either and the nose to ear chains are unimaginative and cheap. Thing is too, seems Kelis has put some pounds on recently, either that or the fish suit is doing nothing for her belly. Seriously mrs, if Cheryl Cole can afford a stylist to trick us all into crowning her a style queen, why can’t you???


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