Booted and Suited

Marlon Work Boot Grey Leather by Office. Photo:

Hmm. Trends come and go; some are highly predictable and it sems an age before anyone in the real world, i.e. the street and people you actually know catch on. Think lace, trenchcoats, thigh highs – on the catwalks lightyears before the high street graced us with cheap rip-offs. In the instance of this, the utility boot, we feel divided. The nu-grunge, funtionality trend has kind of crept up on us here at HBAFG as we were, well, too damn busy lapping up the rock chick chic by the bucketload to notice. Well black is over – khaki green is on like never before (since the early 1990s), and it has come to our attantion that many, who ought to know worse, have been spotted around campus in styles of boots such as this. Actually, exactly this. With a new-found HBAFH love of high heels, which have been worn oft and happily much since about a month back, it is sorely tempting to save the bunions and dive straight into this ole trend with a couple of army surplus numbers and plenty of florals. Certainly comfort over style, but is it worth it? I mean, will they look any good or shorten my legs and will I therefore be likely to wear them?? They just seem so Butch Cassidy. Prolly I’ll wait il the sale and scoop em up with some bargin price tag, by which my mind will be made up and the bank will be all the better off. Just like the thigh highs, kids.


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