From Dita to Dirty: Does Karl Really Love The Fatties?

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld /

Kaiser Karl is one true fashion diva. One minute he’s shoving a Double-C-stamped oar into the skinny debate with his fanatical views. Like all good fascists, these views were both horribly offensive and yet just what many without Balls Of Lagerfeld think but don’t say; “you’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly”. Hm. It made him an instant pin-up of the size-zero hero camp along with Kate Moss and her cocaine-petrified tastebuds. Well, seems skinny’s now so last season; he’s snapped burlesque lady Miss Dirty Martini for the fabulous V Magazine adorned like a giant humanoid Christmas tree in bits of Chanel tat including the oh-so-now temporary tattoos, replete with a Coco lookalike (Jane Schmitt) to prop her up.

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld /

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld /

Of course, Unkle K did ask fit fatty numero uno Beth Ditto to play with The Gossip at the Givenchy party last June, but there again, having the fat lady sing ain’t the same as having the fat lady model. Has Karl changed his mind on the whole debate or lost his head completely? I think not. Fashion is by definition a chameleon business dealing in all kinds of extremes, where what was unthinkable yesterday is made du jour and will tomorrow pass into the realm of unthinkable again, Karl is not straying from his role as master of all that in suddenly making fat so very fashion. And who knows, after basketballs and skis, oars might just be the next piece of sports equipment made natch by the power of the interlocking Cs.

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld /

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld /


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