Shaved and Shexy

“-You know Rena? Well, you might not recognise her anymore, some of her hair is missing.
– Yes, I have a sister like that. Sometimes when I am out with her, I think, ‘who is this woman? I am not with her’ and I want to go and hide behind a tree.”
So went a recent exchange between my twin brother and uncle. Sometimes, ya know, we just have to do what looks good. Because many girls would take these as words of warning against looking unattractive (shock! horror! hell fire and bat’s wings!) to the penised ones in our near vacinity. 
Well anyway, it brings me great pleasure to observe just how much this dishevelled, punky style is taking hold on even the most A-list of slebs. What i thought was an underground, urban revolution of a hair cut is actually not so rebel rebel. But you still give off a tearaway vibe – and as opposed to shaving your head bare, it’s almost more out-there to do an inbetween thing. The contrast between long and short shows off the undercut more drastically somehow, and is more interesting than just a bald nonce. Take prime suspect Alice Dellal, and recent copycat, Cassie.

Model, It-Girl and heiress Alice Dellal. Source:


RnB star Cassie. Source:

RnB star Cassie. Source:


Key here is a healthy mass of flowing, feminine locks versus quite large space of shaved skull in shocking contrast, which shows a very deliberate, topsy-turvy choice on the wearer’s part. While it is only hair, and it’ll always grow back, this is a definite statement of harsh punk couture, while keeping things still, from one angle at least, modelesque. In fact, it’s quite hard to find a good snap of either star looking really ballsy hot with this, it’s not the most flattering style, but that’s what to love! It’s loud, proud and feminine. Fag Hag seal of approval all the way! And now let us move nicely on to the way shaving your tete can, more obviously, be tomboy chic, à la Miz Grace Jones and muse of the month, Princess Rihanna.


Grace Jones. Source:

Grace Jones. Source:

Rihanna. Photo: Fame Pictures

Rihanna. Photo: Fame Pictures


There is nothing masculine about sweet-pea Rihanna, so all the more reason to work the look of living androgyny legend Grace Jones. There is almost something symbolic about shearing off your sexuality along with your long tresses, something not too far, I think, from what old Britney was trying to do with the very public protest in her hair salon. But things don’t end there; tight ‘n’ curly afro hair does interesting things when shorn that close, while having height at the top lengthens the face and gives elegance to a sharp, futuristic look. And if RiRi is going retro-future disco-rock with her chop, she is bringing a new, modern twist to dramatic, razor couture and what was a very revolutionary look on Jonesy at the time, by having it longer on the top and doing weird, wonderful, wavy things, as seen in the earlier post on her shoot in Vogue Italia. Perhaps the real inheritors to the Grace Jones style are new bald headed black icons, Amber Rose and Solange Knowles.


Amber Rose with boytoy Kanye West. Source:

Amber Rose with boytoy Kanye West. Source:

Solange Knowles with big sister Beyowolf. Source:

Solange Knowles with big sister Beyowolf. Source:


Amber Rose!! Now there, ladies and gentlemen, goes one hell of a D-I-V-A! Check the hot pink and nude leggings! The matching zebra (oh so hot right now) clutch and shoes! The biker gloves!  The hyooge sleb shades! Just one example from reams of outfits where this hair rebel mixes disco, punk and sportif tendancies into something extra juicy and fresh.  In her case, it’s clear the hair definitely keeps things clean and on the sporty side of punk rather than aggressive rock chick, while she pulls it off with a fabulously curvacious and full figure. Solange, like Cassie, has made a wise move shearing off the long luscious locks which blended her into a multiplicity of urban stars with that generic, long curly hair thing. Plus, she needs to stand out beside queen-of-weaves sister of hers somehow.But I’d like to finish where I started – on a personal note. My undercut/shaved bit/patch of missing hair goes all the way back to last November, but, frankly, would never have happened had these two lovely ladies not taken a deep breath and jumped in first.


Rosanna, professional diva and Fag Hag. Source:

Rosanna putting face-paint on friend Nadine. Source:

Claire, pirate punk princess. Source:

Claire showing off a Shoreditch style shorn side. Source:


Professional diva and original Fag Hag, much loved party girl Rosanna works a kind of Dellal look with thick, curly locks weighing out against her shorn side. But piling it all into a dynasty inspired up-do, there’s also a whiff of that Grace Jones quiff in a fabulous way, and frankly, I only wish I had enough hair so I could copy her even more. Plus she’s a dab hand at the old charity shops – watch this space for more style notes on the guru of wardrobes… Meanwhile, pirate punk princess Claire takes things a step further with an all-the-way-’round-the-back thing that looks great and can be revealed or concealed with her curly red barnett as and when desired. This London lass also gives it an East End twist with a 40s housewife/Amy Winehouse inspired headscarf from time to time, keeping things a little bit punk, a little bit grimy, but ever with a touch of retro class. Well what are friends for if not for shaving their heads before you do??


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