Quote of the week

“Russian companies know that sex sells. They also have a ridiculous amount of hot chicks working in them. Putting tyolka and tyolka together, they had a light bulb marketing moment: “Let us not imprison our talent in offices and simply waste it on paper pushing (and the occasional extra-marital blow job). Let us be proud and show them off to the world.” The girls couldn’t be more pleased. In fact, everyone was pleased. And that’s the story of how every Russian company got to have their own “Girls of [Insert Company Name Here]” calendar series.”

Source: Exiledonline.com

Yeah, if the writer of this piece lived in my country I’d have him exiled too. This hits all the right notes in being outrageously offensive to the female kind, portraying girls who use their brains in an office as being a waste. Of resources? Are they no better than the fucking stationairy now? And apparently the girls seem overjoyed in their new role working for the wank bank; tragically hilarious or hilariously tragic, I can’t decide which. But the extra-marital blow-job thing? Please. Just because you call your blow-up sex doll your girlfriend, don’t confuse all women with inflatable sex toys with a vibrating vagina.


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